Somersham and Woodhurst Community First Responders

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Austen White

I have lived in Somersham for 33 year. Just over 6 years ago I met some community first responders at St Ives and after having a chat with them II completed the training and passed my assessment on a Sunday mid day then after getting home I contacted the coordinator in Somersham who said that I could collect the kit that day which I did then had my first call to chest pains 4 hours later.

I am now the group treasurer

Darren Wailes

I have lived in Somersham for nearly 10 years, and wanted to do something that gave back to the community. With my background in Health and Social Care management and providing training in various subjects including First Aid, CFR fitted the bill. I have had a varied career path, ending in currently running my own First Aid business, from training to event cover (we do most of the event cover for Somersham and Pidley free of charge). The CFR scheme helps when people need it most and it is a privilege to serve Somersham and Woodhurst.

I am the groups Co-coordinator     

Frances Sewell

I have lived in Somersham for 3 years now and decided to become a CFR to help the local community.  

I have worked as an emergency medical technician for 12 years for EEAST.

I am also the Cub Scout Leader in the village so you may see me around!

I am also the groups secretary

Gary Davis

I have lived in Woodhurst since I moved out from London a few years ago. While in London I worked as a technician at St Thomas’s, Kings College and Bart’s Hospitals where I was involved in teaching medical students and various research projects. I was also a departmental fist aider and an assistant safety officer. I currently work for BT where over the years I have also been a first aider. I have a degree in Biology as well as qualifications in Physiology and Pharmacology. As well as being a CFR I am also an artist, photographer and a keen conservationist and wildlife campaigner.

Josephine Brown

I have lived in Somersham for 15 years before living in Kent.
I have worked as a nanny/medical nanny for 2 years now, which causes me to need to call on the ambulance service several times and I'm very experienced in dealing with paediatrics. Have had an interest in first aid since I was a little girl, always watching medical programmes hopping one day I will be a paramedic.

Lynn Crossland

I have lived in Woodhurst for the past 11 yrs and I am currently working at a Doctors Surgery in Brampton on the Nursing team.

I have worked there for 16yrs and really enjoy the interaction with the patients.

Becoming a First Responder has given me the opportunity to expand my skills to help and support the community where I live

Maria Garner

I lived in Pidley before moving to Somersham nearly 30 years ago with my husband Ray and two boys, Rupert and Laurence.

I was always actively involved with MAGPAS who ran the responding scheme before it was taken over by the East of England Ambulance Service. I was one of the founder members of the Somersham CFR group set up 7 years ago. On retiring from the nursing and Education professions 4 years ago, I am now able to respond during the day as well as at night. Often I was the only active responder