Somersham and Woodhurst Community First Responders

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Gary and Lynn have the kit Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and ocassionally at the weekend, coverage is during the day and early evening.

Going forward, a second kit will allow longer coverage, our members in Somersham will cover overnight and anytime we are not available.
It is important to note that we are part of the East of England Ambulance Trust, not village first aiders, we are only insured when on call.  As Community First Responders we are dispatched immediately a 999 call is made for:

Chest pain/ heart attack
Suspected stroke
Breathing difficulties
Diabetic coma

Our training allows us to give a certain level of treatment and reassurance before an ambulance or paramedic crew arrives on scene.
However, if we have the kit available and someone calls us directly  with an emergency rather than via 999 we can respond and put ourselves on call. But without the kit in the village we cannot do very much.
From experience we know how important it is to arrive at an incident as quickly as possible as time is of the essence when dealing with life threatening situations.
I am sure the Woodhurst residents would feel reassured to know that a speedy response is possible for an emergency situation .